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Winter Menu 2020

(G) Denotes Gluten-Free Items
(V) Denotes Vegetarian Items

Winter Classic Sandwiches (NEW!!)

(Open Face, Closed or Gluten-Free)

10 person minimum, no mixing of open/closed/gluten-free

$9.50 per Person

Served with House Made Old Bay and Herb Chips


Green Salads (GF)

Choose a House Made Gluten Free Dressing:
Yogurt Ranch | Apple Cider Vinaigrette | Nicole’s Greek | Balsamic | Thousand Island

Add Grilled Chicken (GF) (4oz) - $5.00 Per Person
Add Grilled Veggie Patty (V) $3.00 Per Person
Add Grilled Shrimp (GF) (4pp) - $7.50 Per Person

Make Your Own Bowls – Great for an entire Healthy Meal!

Winter Entrees, Comfort Food and Plant Based Meals

Farm Stand Side Salads and Hot Sides