Cold Breakfast Items

Our breakfast eggs are all natural and local!
Our bacon and sausage are provided by Fells Point Meats and local and nitrate free
Hot Breakfast Items
J. Burke Catering Grill Platters

Our produce is local from April – October (with the exception of bell peppers and some lettuce)
Our chicken and beef are provided by Fells Point Meats and we offer all natural Mountaire Delaware chicken and Creekstone Farms beef
The JBC Deli

Did you know we roast our turkey in house with our poultry seasoning? How about our roast beef? It’s a grilled eye round, no artificial coloring, no nitrates, just meat and our seasoning.
All sandwiches are served with lettuce, tomato and sides of mayo, Dijon and house pickles
JBC Lunch Boxes

Lunch box includes a sandwich or entrée salad, potato chips, a cookie or brownie and beverage
Main Street at J. Burke Catering

Locally sourced meats, Maryland grown produce April through October innovative recipes and cooking all come together to create these unique and nourishing dishes
Salads, Sides and Local Produce

We pride ourselves in using primarily Maryland grown produce April through October and creating delicious, robust vegetable combinations to create truly unique salads and different alternatives for your side dishes.
Cold Sides

We offer these sides year round. For the best vegetable salads and seasonal specialties around
Check out our seasonal menu for favorites such as Sweet Corn and Avocado salad
Hot Sides
(G) Gluten Free
(V) Vegetarian